Any candidate we consider must embody POETIC’s 11 core values.

Career Caseworker


POETIC is seeking a Career Caseworker with experience with youth who have experienced complex trauma. Preferenc ewill be given to those who are bilingual. The perfect candidate willpossess working knowledge of theStages of Change, understand how complex trauma impacts attachment, is familiar with parallel processing, and developsethical relationships that fosters independence rather than dependence.

Any candidate we consider must embody POETIC’s 11Core Values, possess a high level of personal insight and strong interpersonal resilience, be willing to receive and give appropriate feedback, be an exceptional professional team player (whilemaintaining personal boundaries), have a strong command of behaviorism and dialectics, and most importantly, put youth first in every decision/action.


Duties of the position include but are not limited to:

  • Effectively communicate with youth, parents, therapist, and educator for continuity of care.
  • Assist clients in developing short-term and long-term post-graduate educational plans and career path.
  • Provides feedback and recommend appropriate actions and solutions to individual youth’s employment needs.
  • Explore resources and opportunities to partner with local business for youth job placement
  • Provide job coaching and program support to youth interns and those working outside POETIC
  • Work withyouth insmall groupsto developjob skillsand increaseemployability.
  • Serves as back-up to staff
  • Available to counsel/coach with youth 24/7
  • Treat youth fair, consistent, and maintain a non-judgmental environment.
  • Other duties as assigned.


Character Requirements: Compassionate,relatable, nurturing, energetic, non-judgmental, self-aware, motivated,flexible, team-oriented, professional, and organized.

Job Type: Full-time


Minimum Education: Bachelors or Associates degree and 1 year of experience workingwith youth.

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To apply, please sent your cover letter and c.v. to  Due to the number of responses, we will not be able to respond to specific questions.  However, if you feel that your values align with ours, please apply.