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Our Mission

To equip girls who have experienced child mistreatment, commercial sexual exploitation and sex trafficking to find their voices, reclaim their narratives and persist forward.

Our Vision

POETIC is igniting a movement to reject the notion that youth can be bought and sold. We imagine a world where all children are equally valued.

What We Do

POETIC breaks the cycle of re-victimization for youth in the juvenile justice and child protective system.  Our comprehensive support puts an on-site school, trauma therapy center, art therapy and paid internships all under one roof.

The Reason Why

Prior to co-founding POETIC, Dr. HaeSung Han was hired to build out the treatment program at the Letot Girls Residential Treatment Center (Letot RTC) at Dallas County Juvenile Department.  Dr. Han saw how youth would spend up to nine months surrounded by intensive support, be successfully discharged, only to go back to a home, a community, ill-equipped to support her.  In a matter of months, the youth would run away from home, be truant from school, be exploited, trafficked and incarcerated.  The need for POETIC, for an in-community, evidence-based and family-focused solution, was identified.

In 2017, Dr. Han joined forces with Jennifer Tinker, an award-winning communications and marketing executive, philanthropist and champion for women’s rights, to co-found POETIC.  

POETIC continues to meet every program outcome goal. Ninety nine percent of girls complete their probation successfully and 95% of girls do not return to the juvenile justice system.


2022 Dallas Psychological Association, Pam Blumenthal Community Service Award

United Way 2019 Social Innovator of the Year

D CEO 2019 NonProfit Team of the Year

United Way Social Innovation Accelerator | The Pitch

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