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Description: POETIC is seeking a FT or PT teacher to support our POETIC School where we offer an individualized education plan that is customized to the needs and strengths of our students.

Additionally, we offer educational advocacy for youth enrolled in public school. The ideal candidate willhave experience with special education,advocating and implementing accommodations for learningdifferences and understand how trauma impacts attention and learning.


Any candidate we consider must embody POETIC’s 11Core Values, possess a high level of personal insight and strong interpersonal resilience, be willing to receive and give appropriate feedback, be an exceptional professional team player (whilemaintaining personal boundaries), have a strong command of behaviorism and dialectics, and most importantly, put youth first in every decision/action.


Duties of the position include but are not limited to: 

  • Work collaboratively in our multi-disciplinary team meetings (therapists, case managers,educators, and community partners) toensure we are upholding the needs of the youth and family. Additionally, communicate with psychologist and researchers on barriers that keep POETIC girls from reaching their academic goals.
  • Advocate for the youth and family within the various systems they are a part of (juvenile justice,foster care, and school).
  • Ensure ethical standards of privacy, confidentiality, and boundaries are upheld with fidelity.
  • Diligent withnotes and data collection while supporting the organizations focus on outcome research and efficacy (E.g., attendance and othervariables as identified by psychologist and researcher)
  • Assist students to problem solve, set goals, plan, and pace their learning.
  • Adaptcurriculum and deliver personalized instruction for the subjects of English,Science, Social Studies and Math
  • Evaluate and document student progress.
  • Provide regularfeedback to students and parents through quarterly report cards and parent/teacher conferences.
  • Assist withdefining and deliveringelectives that are creativeand experiential.
  • Maintain anadaptive schedule that allows for the execution of a comprehensive educational program during POETIC’shours of operation.
  • Participatein case consultations, team meetings and partner meetings as defined.
  • Participate in the daily functions of the school environment, cleaning, lunch, and afternoon supervisory duties.



CharacterRequirements: Self-aware, possessstrong ethical boundaries, takes initiative, creative, organized, exhibitsfollow through, team-oriented, professional, passionate about POETIC’s mission.


Job Type: Full-time


Minimum Education: Bachelor’s degree, special education experience preferred.

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